Berlin #3 + top 3



Top 3 in Berlin according to me and my bf:


  1. Gipfeltreffen – Great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner + fine wine list. I could live there.
  2. Restaurant Nudo – My fave italian restaurant of aaall time??
  3. Burgermeister – Them cheese fries man.



  1. Happy Baristas – Damn good coffee and a cool place where we have spent many hours working/studying/sippin’.
  2. Five Elephant – Coffee and cheesecake.
  3. 19grams – For when you need more coffee.



  1. Konrad Tönz Bar – Excellent cocktails and excellent music.
  2. Lerchen und Eulen – Smokey as hell but cozy as hell.
  3. Markthalle Neun – Great place for beer and appetizers before dinner.



  1. Hamburger Bahnhof
  2. Berlinische Galerie 
  3. Bauhaus-Archiv Museum



  1. Planet Modulor – For creative souls.
  2. Photoautomats – Located all around the city, do it drunk or/and sober.
  3. Lidl – Where you buy your breakfast when ur running out of cash.


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