Hello September


I’ve begun my art history studies and summer is over. Today I’m spending the evening with my computer and an espresso martini. Let’s take a look at a few things I did when the weather was still too hot for me to be wearing my leather jacket.



I got these from Erik’s parents when I turned 22 in June. The twigs may or may not have been stolen from a nearby plantation.



One morning before work I had breakfast with Catarina at Snickarbacken 7 where we sat for hours trying to communicate in both English and Spanish. I hope she comes back to Stockholm soon!



Once I went to Bonniers Konsthall with Caroline and then we had mango and avocado ice cream in the grass and she gave me one of her sketches. Another time I matched my liquorice dessert with my hair, clothes, shoes, toe nails and soul.



Miss Laura and I had two glasses of cava at Södra Baren after a long hard day at work.



Selfie and a new book. Are you supposed to iron sheets?!



And a few days ago I cleaned the kitchen very carefully and had to tell Instagram all about it.


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